Custom Software Development

Craytive Technologies offers custom software development services to design and implement your software needs. We can work together to provide solutions based on our expertise and latest technologies available in the industry. We listen to your needs and design the best software solutions possible based on your requirements. Our approach to software development results in high quality solution against optimized time and effort. Contact us to find out more about our software solutions to bring your company to the next level.


Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality are the next big things that we will all embrace in the years to come. Creative Technologies is already exploring the mind blowing opportunities and has developed various applications using Microsoft HoloLens. Using the cloud we enable team collaboration and data connectivity anywhere, anytime and anyhow. Contact us if you want to learn more about HoloLens and AR or if you are interested in a dedicated HoloLens collaboration demonstration at your location.

JewelEarth and JewelSuite Development

Craytive Technologies designs and develops state of the art software solutions for 3D reservoir modeling applications for the Oil & Gas industry like Structural Modeling, Geological Modeling, Property Modeling, Volumetrics GeoSteering and Hydraulic Fracturing. We have over 25 years of experience in this industry and can assist you in many different areas. As technology partner of Baker Hughes, a GE Company, we can effectively build software applications based on the JewelEarth platform and JewelSuite applications. Are you interested in integrating JewelSuite with your own 3D modeling applications, let us know. We would be happy to implement a seamless solution dedicated for your business.


Let us assist through our consultancy services to find the most optimal solution for your software workflows. We join forces with you, explore possibilities and solutions, make a concrete plan forward and execute effectively. During the entire process we monitor, review and adapt in an agile manner. We listen to you, hear your story and propose ways forward. Contact us to setup an initial brainstorm, workshop or design sessions to get us started.

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